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  1. I’ve been looking for a listing like this for years – what a wonderful resource! Saw Harry Thaw tonight – it is terrific.

  2. Thanks for compiling this list! I’ve been searching for some way to find listings for a while. My friends and I have been trying to get into Broadway/theatre, and we’ve been looking for a showing we could attend.

    By the way, any thoughts on what would make one theatre group stand out over another? e.g. would there be any significant difference in perhaps an SHNSF showing over a more local group? We’re all students so our budgets are a bit limited, and I’m curious as to how much we would miss out (if any) by choosing a smaller performance.

  3. Hi Jeffrey, you ask a really great question. For me, I tend to look at theatre companies like restaurants. You have big ones that serve great food, but you also have these little hole-in-the-wall restaurants that are sometimes pretty good, and other times they are incredible. I have seen some of the most amazing theatre in my life at some amazingly small theatres. Honestly, I love all forms of theatre, whether it is a 50-seat makeshift space or the Curran Theatre. But to answer your question, in my view, the biggest difference between something like an SHN or a local group is budgets. More money means higher production values, from acting to costumes to chandeliers crashing onto the stage. And as great as it is to see great performers come through here with a touring show, there is a multitude of local and professional talent at most theatres in the Bay Area, which is awesome.
    It’s a hard question to answer, but here’s where you have a really great advantage – most companies really cater to students. I believe that is very smart and important, because the next generation of theatre goers has to be cultivated. Whether we are talking about student rush tickets, or programs with heavy discounts (As an example, Berkeley Rep, one of the best regional theatres in the country, offers most shows half-price for people under 30), companies really want younger audiences. So even if you are on a limited budget, you have the chance to really try all of it and figure out your own personal taste. We are in an amazing region for theatre, and personally, as a theatre advocate, I am inspired to hear that you and your friends are really getting into it. I hope I answered your question a little bit. Thanks for reading!

  4. Many local theater companies are great. Try them whenever you see or hear news of future performances. I do both – little theater & SF’s big venues. On your browser, put “San Francisco theater’. You will be amazed at the plays you will find. Over 26 years, I have found that Local Little Theater performances are very comparable to major ‘Best of Broadway’ plays. [i.e. New material is more frequent at little theater, too. Try it. You’ll like it.

  5. I wish I had found this site years earlier!!! Thrilled to have found this! Please keep it going! 🙂

    PS. do you have a mailing list I can subscribe to for weekly updates?

  6. Great site! Suggested additions:
    * California Shakespeare Theater (Cal Shakes) in the East Bay
    * Black Repertory Group in the East Bay
    * Bay Area Children’s Theater in San Francisco
    * Children’s Musical Theater (CMT) in the South Bay
    * Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret in San Francisco
    * San Francisco Shakespeare Festival in San Francisco
    * The Marrakech Magic Theater in San Francisco
    * OASIS in San Francisco
    * Phoenix Theatre in San Francisco
    * PianoFight in San Francisco
    * Third Street Playhouse in San Francisco

  7. A gorgeous backdrop of rolling hills and adventurous programming has helped make California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda one of the top outdoor theater companies in the Bay Area.

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