Some of the strangest few days in the theatrical Bay

The coronavirus has brought upon unprecedented disruptions for every walk of society. And while the dangers are to be taken seriously, some might argue that this pandemic makes going to a play a bit of a trivial act.
Maybe. But what is not trivial is the fact that the play is put on by tireless and motivated artists and companies, many who are hurting financially and otherwise as a result of these premature closings. It has been utterly heartbreaking to see every level of theatre affected by this call to protect public health, closings that are absolutely necessary, but painful nonetheless. Whether it was Broadway shutting their doors or a high school play that closed before it opened and everything in between, it’s been a rough few days to to be a theatre artist.
Somber video after video, sad instagram posts, a bazillion press releases to deliver more bad news and world premieres that were over before they started, March 11th and 12th has been unlike anything those of us who work in theatre have ever seen. Artists are driven by passion, and these last few days have been tough.
Here are some of my favorite tweets of the past few days that offer heartbreaking insight, inspiring words and some advice to help out. Theatre is resilient and always survives, so hopefully the healing takes place sooner than later.

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